Linear Notes: The definition of the word Soundbox is as follows: Sound: music, spoken word, or sound effects. Box: the physical shape of a radio or speaker box. The Soundbox is ready for your next afternoon adventure in time and space with a curated mix of Jazz without boundaries presented by longtime Portland DJ and host Deena B. Whatever your afternoon activity is, you can take The Soundbox along for the ride. Deena brings you along for a musical journey that’s soulful, upbeat and relaxing and where the vibe (and sound) is always just right.


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What does the evolution of Soundbox sound like?

“The evolution of the Soundbox sounds like a family reunion. A musical thesis into Black American life. A soundtrack about a woman living her modern-day Rich Auntie Supreme lifestyle. A musical call and response that shifts back and forth over American history. Drums traveling from Africa to America, Louisiana Rag Time, the horns of Chicago the funk of Ohio, the soul of Harlem.”

You’ve a veteran DJ in the Portland area, what’s one of your most memorable experiences of taking people on a musical journey?

“Most recent would be opening for The Roots last summer in Pioneer Square. It was the first time since 2020 that I’ve seen so many people in one place. My set was a long one - two-hours- and the temps were around 100 degrees- at one point my equipment started malfunctioning. It was so hot I had a friend, who would occasionally come press a ice cold towel on the back of my neck. From a DJing standpoint I had started incorporating elements of Jazz, Soul and Funk into my set during the pandemic- which came together beautifully in a seamless mix during this performance. I love when you can start musically in one place like a soulful Marvin Gaye song and end up in a Baile Funk remix of a Jamiroquai song into a house track. The music was on point and technically, the I was in the pocket- great time.”

Deena B leaning against a wall facing forward, sipping a drink.

Deena B sipping a cool one and catching the vibe.

Courtesy of Christy Klep

This is jazz without boundaries. what does that mean to you?

“If Jazz is the tree (the foundation) of all American Music, how wonderful is it to explore all the branches connected to it? Black American Music, just like its people is not a monolith – music without boundaries speaks to that fact.”

How do you want to incorporate your show, the community and reshaping how black American music is given to the people?

“My radio show The Soundbox has always engaged with the community. My focus has shifted, there is a want to explore Black History using Music as my lens- and I want to share what I find with my audience. The stations I’ve worked with in the past were community minded and I feel lucky to still be in that space- again. Providing a platform for Black folks in my community is an informative and equitable way for us to see/know each other.”