Can we talk about hip-hop? Can we talk about jazz? Modern jazz musicians who came up during the ‘90s are not only versed in Coltrane, Miles and Monk, but are also influenced by producers like Pete Rock, JDilla and Easy Mo Bee.


As hip-hop celebrates its 50-year-anniversary, KMHD spoke with jazz musician and hip-hop producer Kassa Overall about the evolution and natural progression of both styles of music. His newest release, Animals, is categorized under both hip-hop and jazz genres, but to Overall it’s starting to sound not like two genres influencing each other, but something totally different and new.

Listen to the conversation by clicking play, above, with a special mix by Kassa Overall called, “The Clyde Drexler.”

Overall will be performing at Mississippi Studios on Aug. 26, with opener Omari Jazz.

Kassa Overall new release is called "Animals".

Kassa Overall new release is called "Animals".

Courtesy of Patrick O'Brien Smith / Courtesy of Patrick O'Brien Smith