Liner Notes: KMHD Host Bryson Wallace provides a feel good morning mix of jazz, soul, and world folklore music for you to wake up to in good spirits. Find yourself immersed in tasteful sound to get a bright start to your day with First Light.

Bryson Wallace is a vinyl Dj & Artist originally from Bakersfield California providing eclectic sounds of jazz and soul to the PNW for just over 2 years with a focus on exploration and music education. You can follow him @Brysonwallace.

Bryson Wallace, working the curation of your musical journey.

Bryson Wallace, working the curation of your musical journey.

Courtesy of Bryson Wallace

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What was your first experience of listening to jazz, and how has your relationship with it evolved since then?

“Jazz was something that I didn’t understand too well at 5-years-old but as I would ride in the car to my dads house he would play the jazz radio station and have his hand out the window mimicking the trumpet being played. The song after that moment was from George Benson and I loved hearing the guitar matched with the sung notes. I absolutely fell in love with jazz in the car.”

Without using any musical or genre terminology – without using any words relating to music at all – how would you describe your music taste?

“I’d describe my music taste as eclectic, deep, strange, and nostalgic. I just get a huge sense of happiness when a rare gem is playing and I can recall a moment in my life it’s played a part in!”

You do so much live DJing around town, and I know you also make original music; how does all your DJing experience inform the music you create yourself? Or do you think of them as separate?

“I can’t say that I keep these endeavors separate! I honestly love Djing around town and with the variety of different genres and styles that I select the common denominator is that I don’t play anything that I couldn’t see myself rhyming over. Making music myself and making an atmosphere for people to enjoy themselves come down to the same elements.”

Word on the street is that you’re new to Portland – any first impressions or favorite neighborhood spots so far?

“This month marks my two year anniversary of packing up and coming to Oregon but I’ve been in Portland a year and half and I must say that there is so many amazing facets about Portland! The different neighborhoods and the cultures within them! Personally I seem to be stuck in the Bermuda Triangle of Clinton St & 26th where Clinton St. Records, Dots, and Clinton St. Pub has welcomed me with open arms, delicious food, and better people!”